Pre-Novice (5-6 yr)

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Pre-Novice (5-6 yr)

The Pre-Novice Program is a fun approach to learning the skills of hockey and the overall basics of the game. The program is based on a teaching curriculum that incorporates all the appropriate skills for the entire year. The curriculum is based on the Hockey Canada Initiation Program and the Pre-Novice is a 2-3 year program designed for players to learn the fundamentals of Hockey. 

From learning the correct way to push and glide, to the difficult yet necessary dreaded circles, stick-handling skills, shooting and passing. All are taught in a fun environment while playing fun small games and going through drills. It is quite an accomplishment to watch a child develop from the first year as an unsure wobbly skater to a confident, ready to go hockey player by the end of the Pre-Novice period.

The Initiation Program is based on the following concepts:

Dividing the players into smaller groups.

  • An instructor can more effectively manage a small group of young players;
  • Drills are run much faster, players spend less time waiting in line.

Grouping the players by ability.

  • The players in each group are at about the same skill level, bringing continuity to the instruction.

A high ratio of instructors to players.

  • One instructor for every 5 – 6 players is an effective way to ensure each player gets maximum attention;
  • Parents are encouraged to help out on the ice as assistant instructors;
  • Instructors are encouraged to participate in an 8 hour Initiation Program certification course.

Emphasizing fun in each session.

  • Players are having fun, while learning the skills
  • Each session ends in a game time, where the players have unstructured fun time, whether it be “pond hockey” or “pylon coaches” or “British bulldog”

The aim of this program is to teach the players the skills of hockey, before they become involved in the pressures and competitiveness of the game.

Skills Progression

At the Pre-Novice level, players should focus on the skill progressions listed below: Note: The skills listed below will be taught as the player progresses through the different levels of play. Depending on the group or child, not all progressions will be covered.

Individual Hockey Skills
Skating Puck control Passing and Receiving Shooting
Edge control
Ready position
Forward stride
Control stop (two-foot
snowplow, one-foot snowplow)
Backward skating
Backward stop
Control turn
Forward crossover
Lateral dribble
Forward-to- backward dribble
Diagonal dribble
Attacking the triangle
Forehand shift
Accelerating with the puck
Receiving (stick)
Eye contact
Team Play

Players will be introduced to the concept of teamwork and team play however there will be little to no teaching of team tactics:

Character Development and Life Skills

Players must learn:

  • That they are part of a team
  • To have respect for their teammates, coaches, opponents, officials and parents
  • Team rules
  • To have self control and discipline
  • To always try their best
  • Respect authority
  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • Commitment to a team

About Pre-Novice Next Season 

The pre-novice program will typically begin around the 3rd weekend of September and continues until late March. Full equipment is required for all sessions. There are 2 sessions per week which are held every Saturday AND Sunday between 8h00-13h00. From September until December the kids learn and practice many of the basic skills on both days. In January teams are made and the kids will then practice on Saturdays and play games on Sundays. There are no permanent goalies in pre-novice but instead each player will take a turn playing goalie during the games. Players are expected to attend all sessions in order to benefit from the program.
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