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round-logo-lakeshoreThrough the years, whether through misunderstanding or being misinformed, most everyone has their own idea on how the double letter tryouts are done and how the process goes.  We often hear that the tryouts are a mysterious process. To get a better idea on what exactly the procedures are for the LMHF tryout process, the Board of Directors would like to explain how the process works.

This document contains an explanation as to what to expect over the next few weeks. This information is for your review, understanding and appreciation of the Tryout Process. We hope all parents will read this material and then take a moment to discuss the process with the players. We also hope this memo will help to put everyone on the same page, clear up some of the misunderstandings that may have circulated through the years and ultimately help reduce some of the anxiety that occurs at this time of the year.

Tryouts happen all across hockey in both house leagues and competitive leagues. At the house league level, the association and the coaches as a collective, use tryouts to identify strong players from weaker players in an attempt to create balanced teams. At the competitive level (or DL teams), tryouts are conducted specifically to evaluate whether a player has enough skill to play at a specific level.

Finally, if you are unsure about something or if you have any questions during this process that may not have been addressed in this document please contact the VP Double Letters and please visit our website from time to time ( for additional or updated information regarding the tryout schedule.

We all look forward to another season of great hockey from our players, coaches and the volunteers of Lakeshore Minor Hockey Federation.

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