LMHF Policies

Hockey presents our youth with an exciting challenge that will serve them lifelong. Think of minor hockey not as a “hockey school” but as a school on life through hockey. From a sporting aspect it demands quickness, endurance, character, effort, a sharp mind and a physically fit body as well as commitment, and teamwork. All qualities that when properly developed will form the foundation of some integral life skills. As parents we should be more concerned with using sports to develop our children’s social skills, especially those that are used within a team concept. What a great tool to teach accountability and responsibility to others rather than self indulgence. Or teach them about respect for opponent and authority figures.

Please, at this time, review the policies and procedures regarding the LMHF program. We have constructed these policies with the intent of striving for ongoing improvement and development of our program, where ideals are striven for and achieved. A volunteer association requires patience, commitment, sacrifice, civility, courtesy, and caring. It is the expectation that all participants in the LMHF program strive towards developing our Association.


LMFH Guidelines Single Letter Team Formation Double Letter Team Formation Dispute Résolution



The Policies and Procedures of LMHF may change throughout the year.
This web page will be updated to reflect changes.
Please check back regularly.