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Expectations of Coaches


All hockey coaches should assist players with progressive improvement of their individual skills, with maximizing their individual potential and with developing a passion and love for the game.

The following concepts apply to all coaches at all levels

  • Be teachers first: the subject matter is individual, team skills as well as the game of hockey.
  • Set a good example for players and parents by being a good role model. Balance sportsmanship and winning. Show respect to other coaches, parents, players, opponents, spectators, officials and the property of others.
  • Language will be appropriate for a youth hockey environment and not be vulgar, obscene and inappropriate. Gestures of a similar nature will not be directed at anyone.
  • Focus on teaching skills in a logical progression: simple, complex, application to the game.
  • Correct errors during drills.
  • Conduct practices that build skills and reinforce teaching methods.
  • Build players’ confidence and self-esteem by rotating demonstrators among all players.
  • Treat players with respect and achieve a good balance between recognition and criticism. Players should be appropriately recognized in public and criticized in private wherever possible.
  • Provide equal access to recognition. Statistics should not be used as a means for reward or punishment.
  • Have a reasonable disciplinary policy for players, appropriate to the age level of the player. Communicate disciplinary policy to both parents and players at the start of the season.
  • Consistently implement the discipline policy.
  • At the competitive level, coaches should be creating an environment where all players grow.
  • At the competitive level, coaches must understand the benefit of a balanced line-up in relation to overall team play, morale, self- esteem and confidence. There should be a fair approach to playing time.
  • It is mandatory that all coaches are certified as per Hockey Quebec regulations (this applies to assistant coaches as well)
  • Coaches are expected to attend scheduled coaches meetings.
  • Coaches are expected to continue to upgrade their coaching kills
  • Coaches are expected to uphold the policies of LMHF.
  • Head coaches must have a parents meeting to discuss discipline, attendance, coaching approach, playing time, team goals, etc.