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Coaching youth sports presents many challenges. Coaches are looked upon to not only teach the game, but to also be role models, whilst all too often under the scrutiny of some very opinionated parents. Youth coaches take on the responsibility of developing the players, but they also take on the responsibility of continuing their own personal development.

The Coaches Manual has been put together with the intent of making not only your experience more positive, but also to make the players and parents experience more positive. It contains a compilation of articles that we believe will benefit you with your development as a coach.

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” – Henry Adams

Keep this in mind as you read through the enclosed articles and remember sometimes you are also a student.

Here are some tools to help you organize your practices :

Planning a Practice Small Sided Games Manual

Practice Template Full Ice Practice Template Half Ice Practice Template

Hockey Quebec Administrative Rules Lac St-Louis Administrative Rules Manual Hockey Quebec Sanctions Table