Bantam physical contact

For the 2017-2018 season, Hockey Quebec is introducing changes to their Body Checking and Contact Physique regulations. Body Checking without any restrictions (within the confines of the HQ rules) is ONLY allowed at the Midget and Junior AA levels. Body Checking with Restrictions (Mis En Echec Progressive is allowed in Bantam AA and Midget BB. Body Contact or Contact Physique is permitted at the Bantam BB, Peewee AA and BB as well as all Bantam, Midget and Junior Single Letter level.

If you are concerned about this question you will find below a few links to the various Hockey Quebec resources on Body Checking at the Bantam level. Please note that checking is viewed and should be used as an individual “puck retrieval” tactic. It is meant to be used for the purposes of separating an opponent from the puck. It is not an “intimidation” or “revenge/punishment” tool.

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